How Can I Keep My Hamster Entertained?

Hamsters are the best pets for personalities who are employed during the daytime or who don’t have plenty of time to take care of their pets. As hamsters are nocturnal, they will be resting when you’re out of the home during the daytime. As hard as you can wash their cage when it’s required and bring them out in a playpen. Hamsters are cute, most people like to have it as a pet.

Entertain your loveable hamster with some materials:

How Can I Keep My Hamster Entertained?

Dwarf, both Syrian and Hamsters, are energetic creatures. They require a variety of best hamster toys and other things to give them occasions for exploration, exercise, and play. At the same time, they like to spend time outside of their cage to run in a hamster-safe surrounding, there are several things you can set inside the cage to give them an exercise.

The thing regarding Hamsters is that they feel bored if you keep providing them with the same items to play for a long period. So have 3–4 toys available with you and alternate them constantly.

If you are looking to buy the best hamster toys, there are plenty of hamster toys which are easily accessible on online.

Hamster Wheels and Balls:

Most hamsters get excellent use from a hamster wheel and you should also place this in your hamster’s cage. It is necessary to make assured that the wheel is on the correct size and try to buy a hard surface wheel to reduce the risk of injuries. Run-Abouts are the thin plastic balls which are available in different styles in which you place your hamster in and allow them to run over the floor without the fear of them moving away from you. Both Run-Abouts and wheels are excellent ways to confirm your hamster gets ample exercise.

Allow your hamster to run in a hamster ball. They enjoy exploring and seeing what they perform is entertaining. When your loved ones start rattling your feet, it needs your attention. It’s the solely way it can show you.

Chew Toys for Hamsters:


Hamsters want a good number of best hamster toys and items that they can chew on to maintain their continually growing teeth in healthy condition. The wood pet gnaws toys are an excellent choice. Wood items, if not bought from the pet store should be chemical-free and pesticide. If you are doubtful if a kind of wood is reliable it is seemingly best to hold with things made for pets. Pesticide-free berry tree limbs from your garden or hardwood trees or frames which are not chemically handled are good for your hamster. Willow rings, balls, and tunnels are likewise marketed for rodents but the tinier sized options are excellent for hamsters.

Along with wood chews, cardboard can be given for chewing and hiding. They also like cardboard pipes from toilet paper rolls and paper towel and there are presently commercial tunnels that are a little stronger and are assumed to be harmless for chewing.

Climbing and Housing Options for Hamsters:

How Can I Keep My Hamster Entertained?

There are a lot of houses/huts and climbers created for hamsters and other little rodents. Climbing blocks and wood ladders are surpassing for hamsters. If you can’t get wood ladders in the hamster segment of your pet shop, check-in the bird section.

You can further use wood and hardwood dowels to make your slopes and climbing arrangements. Coconut shells can still be used to build huts and houses. Natural ropes such as sisal, hemp, cotton can be utilized to construct walkways, bridges, hanging and best hamster toys in the hamster playpen. Extreme care is required with hanging ropes and toys use more solid sizes of rope and make sure that these rope items should not entangle any of their body parts or practice them exclusively under close surveillance.

Plastic Toys for Hamsters:

Attention is required when it gets to plastic. Most hamsters like plastic tubes and tunnels and other fun formations but chewing the product can direct to problems. Some synthetic toys will be damaged very quickly and if your hamster is eating plastic pieces from nibbling it is a big matter.

Sand and Digging Options for Hamsters:

You can give a dish of chinchilla sand bath or powdery sand, in which your dear pet may roll to have its coat in a safe condition. Most hamsters prefer to dig so giving a deeper box of dust or purified soil big adequate for the hamster to dig a hole in is a fabulous treat for hamsters.

Mineral Blocks and Pumice Stones for Hamsters:

These are not essential. If they do chew on them it can support their teeth to maintain good health but they are very strong and many hamsters won’t utilize them. A variety of original wood chew items is the best hamster toy option and essential minerals should be supplemented through the diet.

Additional methods to make your hamster happy:

Still, something as easy as a toilet paper or paper towel roll is impressive! Just check to remove all the paper off. Hamster love tubes so if you can provide them with a tunnel and somewhat hide it in their bedding they will like it. Hamsters forever make haunts so it’s right to give them a solid place to nest down in.

Another thing is hamsters love structures! It’s a big enrichment for them! Coconut covers and fine granule bedding is also useful for them to play. You don’t want to use plenty of it either, they normally like it is simply a little bowl or slight bowl, that means they can jump in and play with it when they desire.

Things to be noted while buying the best hamster toys:

If you plan to get a hamster, next you need to buy a playpen, now it’s time to purchase all the items you need to set in the cage. You’ll require a wheel, a water bottle, a hideaway, chew toys, best hamster toys, and bedding. You can similarly use egg cartons, cardboard boxes, terra cotta pots, and other stuff you can get nearby your house as hideaways and toys. Not all things have to get from a store. If you’re planning for a Syrian hamster, then check that you should buy a large enough best hamster toys as they can rise to 8 inches long.

How to Groom a Horse for a Show?

Horse grooming improves friendliness between you and your horse as you enjoy each other’s nearness. Grooming also stimulates healthy blood circulation and gives you a chance to check over the horse’s body for any visible wounds, particularly the parts of the body that would be in contact with tack. Stable horses must be groomed daily, that is before and after a ride. Still, horses that live naturally would do some of the activities themselves like brushing against trees, fences and rolling on the ground. Some people like to clip the horse if you are one of them, then you can look into that in a separate section. You must be careful in choosing the best horse grooming kit for your horse.

STEP 1 – Secure your horse

How to Groom a Horse for a Show?

Though your horse is trained to stand still, several horses would feel to change and shift their feet while grooming. To make sure that your horse is held in position, attach the front rope beyond the height of the horse’s shoulder blades, withers and be fast to put a quick-release knot for securing it to a post or ask someone to hold the rope.

You should use a quick-release knot if your horse is spooked or tries to escape by moving in a backward direction. This is an extremely dangerous one for both of you. In case of an emergency, you must keep a spike in the grooming kit which could help you to release knots and cut the rope.

STEP 2 – Pick your horse’s hooves

How to Groom a Horse for a Show?

You should stand near your horse while facing it in the opposite direction and you should hold your pickaxe in your hand significantly away from the horse. Next, you should pull up the horse’s foot, bring the hand closest to the horse in front of its foot and immediately you separate your horse’s foot. You should lean slightly on your horse and help them move the mass to the other side. This will cause your horse to lose its foot. Once the foot is tall, you should keep it securely supported in your hand.

You can use the pick clogs to start and begin the process with the end of the foot and specifically choose towards the toes and gently remove all stones and dirt. Next, you must clean the grooves on both sides of the V-shaped legs, also known as frogs. You should not choose hooves or dig deep inside the trench. If you are planning to do this for the first time, it is better to seek the help of an experienced person.

STEP 3 – Use a Curry comb for loosening hair and dirt

How to Groom a Horse for a Show?

You should comb starting from ear to tail without making tangles at the head, tail and mane, lower legs. You must be very careful over bony parts because it may cause tangles. Just move your comb along with the horse’s coat in a little circle of motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth. You should not apply much weight but be strong enough to remove the dirt from the coat. While circling the brush you would begin to see bits of dirt from the outer layer of the horse’s skin and this loosened dirt would be easy to clean. You can get curry comb for loosening hair and dirt along with horse grooming kit.

STEP 4 – Use a Hard brush/Dandy brush to remove hair, dirt and sweat.

How to Groom a Horse for a Show?

A Hard brush is also known as Dandy brush and it depends on how you like to call it. It is a firm bristled brush which can take off the hair and dirt present in the surface by the curry comb. You should not use this brush on your horse’s mane, tail, head, or lower legs. You should begin along the neck and run your way down towards the body by a short straight shifting motion to remove off the dust or debris.

STEP 5 – Smooth and clean up with a Soft brush/Body brush

How to Groom a Horse for a Show?

The Soft brush is often also acknowledged as the Body brush that can be used on all parts of the horse due to its softer fibres. This brush is used to polish off your horse’s coat and gives it a softened look, shiny feel. It is also excellent for smoothing out the mane and the tail.

You need to use this brush in deep, smooth strokes, just start at the head and run your way along the body then down the legs. Use fast cleaning motions on the lower leg to remove dirt where it was too tender for the hard brush. It is also beneficial to use along the joint of the nose and the cheeks but be cautious to avoid the end of the nose and the eyes as these are all very sore areas. Some people choose to use a separate brush for the face, which is just a shorter version and it is called a Face brush. You can get any kind of comb in the horse grooming kit.

STEP 6 – Brush out the mane and the tail

When brushing the tail you must stand to the side of the horse because that is a safer position away from the horse kicks. First, of all, part the most critical tangles with your fingers. You can use a wide-tooth comb or brush for detangling the remaining of the mane and tail. You should certainly work your own method by taking tiny sections at a time and also holding the tip of the section using one hand and brushing through with the other section in another hand for avoiding any type of tugging.

STEP 7- Spray the horse with fly spray

How to Groom a Horse for a Show?

Flies could be a disturbance to horses particularly in the summer season so you just need to spray your horse with fly spray and sprinkle them with disinfectant liquid to avoid them the spreading infection or even stinging and causing your horse sickness. You can spray the solution over the horse body and be alert to avoid the face.

Different Bike Helmets for Different People

Since the 1800s, bikes have been a good transportation for people. Taking them across the roads and helping them get through bike paths in forests. Machines that do not require gas to run. A great invention indeed for people who live in city areas. There is one thing that you might need on a bike however. A bike helmet to protect your head when you fall down too fast. Under certain situations, you go down one of those bike mountain trails, things get rough and dirty. Gears lock up and rubber hit the ground extremely hard with each rock. There’s a chance that your going to fall and that fall is going to hurt 2 times as much if your going down a hill that only goes down. Grab hold on the best road bike helmet and prepare yourself for the next mountain bike ride. Additional information for you to read on getting a proper bike helmet below.

When Should You Buy New Bike Helmet

Bike helmets need to be replaced under certain conditions. The first time you hit the ground with your bike helmet and get a crack is when you need a new helmet. Don’t wait for another time to go in the store. That time may be too late when your skull cracks in the boulder on the side. There are plenty of those big rocks when you go bike riding in wastelands and forests. Another time you need to buy a helmet, is when you lose your bike helmet. Due to the fact that your not very concerned with watching your helmet, your helmet can be easily forgotten when you set it down somewhere. I did this one too many times. I know I need to keep up with my bike helmet but sometimes it just becomes a annoyance. Suggest you figure out a way to wrap the bike helmet on your bike when you get tired of wearing it. Hey, it can protect you from all collisions, but you could use a few minutes without it to feel the cool air.

Remember, to stick to your budget and buy the best road bike helmet you can find. Buy it when you can buy it. There is no rush to buy the best thing on the market. You could save up to buy something really expensive as well. Whatever you do, stick to your budget and buy a helmet that fits it. Don’t worry about your helmet being popular among friends. Buy the helmet you want to buy.

 Try a Skateboard Helmet

Alternatively, try on a skateboard helmet. Skate board helmets are structured to take in a lot of punishment. All collisions coming to your front, side, and back will be covered. Not need to worry about side pain which some bicycle helmets do not cover. Skate board helmets come in many colors as well. There are so many colors you can choose from and you won’t have a hard time trying to be cool. If your worried about impressing girls, you should definitely get a skateboard helmet.

Pick Bike Helmets With Open Vents

Currently, you can purchase bike helmets with open vents to make your hot riding days a brieze. Feel the air swish in your hair and enjoy the feeling of having protection without the annoying bike helmet. These types of helmets are also light and offer good protection for the brain. Your ear might get scrapped up a bit. But, the price you pay for wanting a light weight bike helmet with vents. Overall, you won’t have to take your bike helmet off much. Wearing a closed bike helmet can build up immense amounts of heat in your head. It’s something you realize when you bike in wastelands or in forest paths.

Tim Pearson Loves Lycra!

In August Tim Pearson who built the weekender website for us is going to be cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End for the Wooden Spoon Charity.  Its 874 miles and we are going to be doing it in only 8 days, that’s over 100miles a day, for 8 days!

I’d love to join him, but the fracture to my leg prevents me from doing so! All the weekender team are behind him and wish him the best of look. If you would like to support him please see the link below to donate.

Good luck Mate!



Sorry it’s been a while. Just to let you know that for 2010 we have decided to have a year off. What with work and family commitments, 2010 will be a busy year for us all & it just means we couldn’t give the weekender 100% and keep up the high standards we feal we have set over the years! We are planning to keep the site updated with news about Steve and riding in Wharncliffe, so please keep checking back.

Just so you know last years weekender raised £15,000, so a big well done to all that helped


Saturday Evening Entertainment

Right, so Saturday evening this year doesn’t include bands (sorry) However, there are shed loads going on for your enjoyment!

One such event is the motorcycle trails featuring 2 of the UK’s top riders Michael Brown & James Dabill. These boys are seriously talented. Michael Brown was the 2007 junior world champ. If you fancy a look then get on youtube.