The Good Cause

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity exists to support the work of Weston Park Hospital 1 of only 3 dedicated cancer hospitals in the country.

Weston Park Hospital provides cancer treatment services for patients across the region – and that means Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Worksop and Chesterfield as well as Sheffield. Increasingly treatment is being delivered in your community and your local hospital all under the expertise of Weston Park Hospital specialists.

Patients come from all over the country and sometimes from abroad for the specialist treatments for which the hospital is internationally recognised.

We built the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Research Centre which opened in 1999 at a cost of �2m. The centre now enables a multimillion pound programme of cancer research across all cancer types – the Cancer Charity continues to support the core work of this facility year on year in addition to funding specific research projects.

Our radiotherapy department is a leading national centre and is one of the best equipped in the country providing some of the shortest waiting times available.

The Cancer Charity has completed a �1m appeal for the new Chemotherapy suite here at Weston Park Hospital ensuring the most modern and up-to-date facilities for this treatment.

Our Cancer Information and Support Centre is a drop-in centre offering patients, their families and carers extra help and support in living with cancer.

The Teenage Cancer Unit at Weston Park Hospital provides a specialised unit for patients aged 16 to 25 which is supported in part by the Cancer Charity.

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�One in three people in England will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charityraises vital funds to support research and improve treatment and care for people living with cancer.

Weston Park Hospital is one of only three dedicated cancer hospitals in the country

  • Its world-leading reputation as a centre of excellence in the fight against cancer is recognised, not only here in the UK, but also internationally
  • Weston Park is ideally equipped to handle the 6,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed annually in this region alone.

Teenage Cancer UnitWeston Park Hospital

Six teenagers are diagnosed with cancer each day, that’s over 2,000 every year.

The young cancer patients at Weston Park Hospital don’t stop being teenagers just because they are diagnosed with cancer.

The Teenage Cancer Unit at Weston Park Hospital opened in 2002. The specialist unit is dedicated to treating teenagers aged from 16 to 25 years old. The unit has 5 bedrooms, a chill out room, living room, kitchen and the most recent addition the new conservatory extension which opened in September 2007.

Thanks to the generous support of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity young cancer patients get the best possible care in hospital and the chance to do all the things that teenagers want to do.

The Cancer Charity is proud to raise vital funds to support the care and comfort of the patients on the Teenage Unit.

Cancer Research Centre here in Sheffield at Weston Park Hospital

The Cancer Research Centre opened in 1999, this centre has multimillion pound programme of cancer research cross all cancer types- The cancer charity continues to support the core work of this facility year on year and also funds specific cancer research projects.

There is over 80 staff within or linked to the Cancer Research Centre – Weston Park Hospital is one of the premiere cancer centres in the country

New Cancer Research Project

The Cancer Charity is currently raising 40.500 to help improve breast and prostate cancer treatments.

Breast and prostate cancers commonly spread to the skeleton. This new and vital cancer research project aims to identify and investigate how drug combinations should be given for maximum effect. With the hoping being to be able to prevent this cancer cells spreading to the bones.